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Fourthly, and most importantly, make sure you review GESB Super against other super funds under the ‘Fund Profiles’ tab and check out the top super funds, to see who the leaders are. In addition, If you would like to speak to someone for some guidance when reviewing your super, then please fill in the ‘Speak To An Advisor’ form above and an advisor will be in touch to see how they can GESB Super TIPS - Specialists on GESB Superannuation Schemes. At TIPS Financial Services (TIPS) we have been specialised in superannuation and retirement planning for teachers and government employees, and members of the general public, for over 20 years and we have developed comprehensive knowledge of all GESB superannuation schemes and how to maximise benefits for retirement. 2021-02-24 GESB is a WA Government statutory authority with over 80 years' experience managing and administering the super savings of current and former public sector employees.

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Much like other market-linked superannuation funds, this is a taxed accumulation fund with a variety of investment options available. GESB West State Super and Gold State Super are unique super funds. They are “constitutionally protected” and untaxed super funds. If you have one of these accounts it pays to get professional financial advice to ensure you take advantage of opportunities that … GESB West State Super If you were a WA public sector employee prior to April 2007, you may have a West State Super account. There are several benefits on these accounts including before-tax contributions not counting towards your annual concessional contributions (instead there is a lifetime cap) and tax not deducted when contributions enter the account, rather on exit. I was approved for Early Release Super. GESB emailed me to tell me that I need to phone them to meet their application criteria.

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GESB Super is however fairly good on fees though I'm not sure how good compared to REST, it may be worth comparing the two. In 2014, GESB outsourced their customer service to Link Group who I was told by one of their customer representatives recently represent not just GESB, but two other super funds as well.

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GESB Super’s ICR is not fixed, and is reviewed periodically and adjusted to take into account prevailing investment expenses. The actual ICR can only be determined at the end of each financial year. 6 The Indirect Cost Ratios for each for GESB Super’s investment plans are different.

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To understand more, see the Accessing your super brochure. To understand the tax treatment on death benefits, read the Tax and super brochure. Members who have joined on or after 16 April 2007 will be signed up for the GESB Super account. Those who joined the fund before 16 April 2007 might have been signed up for the West State Super or Gold State Super schemes; these funds are closed to new members. The GESB super account offers you a choice of investment options. GESB super has unique tax treatment with significant financial benefits- but it’s crucial to get the right advice at the right time though as the ‘times are a çhangin’ and the WA state government has recently passed legislation that could see the transfer of your GESB account to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
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To consolidate super funds you normally need the details of the fund to be rolled over (if transferring into GESB). As there are many funds out there the government identifies each of these funds with a USI number and/or ABN. I was approved for Early Release Super.

GESB, the fund for WA State Government workers, also performed well. GESB Super and West State Super can both receive these contributions. Additional rules apply to the downsizing measures.
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220 000. ( 14 investeringsalternativ ) Super SA ( 6 investeringsalternativ ) Unisuper ( 7 investeringsalternativ ) Western Australia GESB ( 5 investeringsalternativ ) Källa  Super vacker blå, behaglig känsla. Rekommenderas. 08.12.2015. Visa mer.